Ryan, Dillon, and Evan talk to our friend Dennis about his work at a local, large volume distillery.  We learned a lot about the process of distillin...View Details

Eoghan is the writer for the blog Brussels Beer City and we were excited to have him join us for a conversation of all things Belgium.  Bryan joined ...View Details

51: Chips and Beer

The summer has been keeping us all busy but we are back with an amazing new episode with our friends Michael and Jenna.  Jenna hosts her own YouTube ...View Details

We went big for our 50th episode as we blind tasted, guessed, and ranked some of the biggest, barrel-aged, non-adjunct stouts to come out of St. Louis...View Details

Lots of fun stuff here with Evan, Ryan, and Kyle talking first about the now defunct Valiant Brewing Co. and their Russian mega stout, Marshmallow Qua...View Details

The Fox Pub in Peoria celebrated its 6th annual brewfest where Ryan and Evan headed to enjoy some brews on a cool and rainy midwest day.  We ran down...View Details

Ryan, Evan, and Mark head down to Pour Bros Taproom in the Heights to challenge each other with some more blind tastings.  Each submitted an interest...View Details

46: Blinded Bourbon

Hey Provisionists, new episode is ready and its a fun one!  Mark, Evan, and Ryan sat down to educate our palates on bourbon.  We each brought a bott...View Details

Evan and Ryan team up to taste some cherry wild ales, one from OEC Brewing and the other from Fonta Flora Brewery.  Similar style but very different ...View Details

44: At Pour Bros with Rob

Here we go!  Mark and Evan were joined by Kyle to sit down and talk to Rob, co-owner of Pour Bros Craft Taproom in Peoria Heights.  Rob has been har...View Details

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